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Ensuring Your Real Estate Works for You

At SABRE Real Estate Group, we are dedicated to finding business real estate that works for your individual needs. Contact us today to discuss your options.

Consulting & Brokerage

Simply stated, the strategic planning process provides the framework by which we can competitively bid the marketplace to provide alternative location solutions. Finding you the best possible location is our dream. In this process, our clients are given a range of choices, enabling them to make the best decision for your company. Matching your business plan's financial and operational objectives with the appropriate real estate solution and final documentation is more of an art form than science, and we at SABRE have mastered it.

We make sure to maintain a presence throughout the project to ensure your business needs are satisfied. With perceptive attention to details, SABRE leverages its team's accumulated real estate experiences and acumen exclusively for your benefit.

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Merger & Acquisition Advisory

For varying reasons, companies often seek to merge or acquire other entities to expand their business or eliminate competition. In addition, a struggling business may need to restructure and refocus to remain competitive in today's economic climate. No matter what the reason for change, real estate holdings can (and typically do) have a significant impact on the final result. Whether the real estate commitments are too long or too short, they can present a major challenge to the best business plans.

Reflected Building

Recognizing issues in advance through a comprehensive real estate analysis by SABRE will minimize inaccurate financial projections, detect obstacles, and ascertain risks that may diminish the realization of corporate goals. Over the years, we have been involved in a remarkable amount of assignments where real estate did not play a significant role in management's initial decisions or calculations. However, while assisting in due diligence efforts, we were integral to, and played a key role in, final evaluations and analysis, solution development, and implementation efforts. Due to the fact that key members of our team were senior professionals at Ernst & Young, we are able to make our awareness of all significant financial aspects work to our advantage.