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Superior Real Estate Planning

The SABRE Real Estate Group team is devoted to providing all the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed business decisions that contribute to your company's success. We have offices in San Francisco, Honolulu, and Connecticut, and offer services nationwide.

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Strategic Real Estate Planning

All successful companies are forced to react to competitive business pressures effectively and adjust their strategies continuously. Our research clearly indicates that many companies have an implicit real estate strategy, but very few actually have a written real estate plan. The difficulty is accommodating the changing needs of a business with the inherent market driven conflict of long-term real estate commitments. How much space? Where should it be located? Why do you need it? When should it be delivered? How much should it cost? How much should you spend? Etc., etc.

At the core of SABRE's strategic real estate planning process is the ability to forecast what is expected and create flexibility within the framework of a company's obligation in preparation for unanticipated events or conditions. Startups and mature companies interpret flexibility differently. However, every company should align its operational and financial drivers in advance of determining how it will use and control its real estate.

Only after thorough research and analysis, with consideration given to market dynamics, are alternative solutions compared. The resulting strategic real estate plan helps our clients minimize risk, and recognize when to take advantage of opportunities.

Corporate Services

Our goal is to provide you with adequate space to meet the changing needs of your organization in a timely manner, at minimal cost, and with recognized risk. Just as accounting and law firms provide assistance, SABRE can provide the real estate experience and expertise necessary to initiate, manage, and oversee real estate activities and programs to effectively minimize capital investment and control operating expense.

We recognize that the internal skills and capabilities available within each client's organization vary. In addition—due to the volume and required effort imposed on potentially reduced internal resources—we have carefully modeled our services to align with desired results. Our services encompass the full life cycle of your corporate real estate holdings and facilities.

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Project Management

In today's highly competitive environment, the speed by which facilities are constructed and delivered to the end user is of great importance. Unfortunately, the costs associated with meeting accelerated schedules can negatively impact the price. With the additional pressures of green sensitivity and sustainable construction, corporate executives need to balance capital expenditures with profitability, image, and operational efficiencies.

SABRE has the ability to build strong relationships with senior management and user groups, meeting fiduciary responsibilities and demands of cross-organizational teams. We deliver focused solution methodologies with the primary goal of operational excellence.